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New Puppy Hints - IMPORTANT!




      Just remember bringing home your new puppy is like bringing home a new baby. New puppies need special care.



      They cannot go without food for very long periods of time. Limit excitement and handling as much as possible. Puppies require 16 hours a day of rest. They sleep about 3 hours and maybe play and eat about 1 hour. They need to be fed about 4 times a day or leave food in front of them. If they do not get the rest, food, and water they need, they will get sick and go into low blood sugar. If this should happen, use honey, corn syrup diluted with warm water or Nutrical and get some into their mouth, by force if necessary...



      We recommend Eukanuba Small Breed puppy dry dog food. If you don't feel they are eating enough dry kibble. Mix the kibble with hot tap water to make a gravy and add a couple of teaspoons cottage cheese (4%).



      Provide lots of chewing toys.



      On longhair puppies be sure to keep the hair on their rear-end clipped for clean hygiene and to ensure that the puppy doesn't get sick.



      We take pride in the raising of our puppies and in helping you in any way we can to make your new experience with your puppy enjoyable.